Abilities and Powers Edit

Overview Edit

As her façade implies, Angelica Lockhart is a top-ranked student of the United States Bionics Academy, ranking second in her class.

Bionic Weapon Edit

Her weapons are a special type that can only by utilized by bionic humans who have exceptionally enhanced telekinesis. They are four identical, silver-colored discs that levitate and are powered by her sixth sense. They are about one and a half feet in diameter and about three inches in thickness. The edge, about three inches long, has a flat grind with a circular hole about an inch long in the center. They spin like a saw blade and used as projectiles to attack titan enemies or can fire concentrated energy beams through the hole in the center of the disc that requires training in order to be both accurate and precise. They are only used as a finishing attack since the discs can overheat quickly and the technology is still under development.


• Angelica means angel in Latin, ironic because she publicly does not believe in God and is called "my angel" nevertheless by her grandfather when referring to his granddaughter.