History Edit

Gabriel was born in the small Mexican village called Santa Delores that was established near a nuclear plant. He was raised by scientists and lived with other bionic humans, including Valentina Delacruz and Maximiliano Carrera.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Overview Edit

Gabriel Hernandez is currently ranked first of the senior class in the United States Bionics Academy of Los Angeles, California.

Bionic Weapon Edit

Gabriel Hernandez does not normally equip his weapon, able to defeat a simulated titan without the use of one, showing the brute power of the eighteen year old, Mexican born student. However, during the battle at the San Andreas Observatory, he materialized his weapon that were a pair of silver-colored discs that levitate from behind his back. Feather-shaped blades extend out from the outer side of both discs and range in size, the arrangement of the blades looking like the primary feathers of a bird and span almost eighteen feet in width all together. A prototype, they can be used as a shield to deflect projectiles and as a weapon.


• Gabriel is also the name of an archangel who was a messenger of God in the Judaic, Christian and Islamic religions which refers to his weapon, a pair of angel wings.