Appearance Edit

Michael has blond hair that is cut short on the back and sides of his head.

Abilities & Powers Edit

Overview Edit

Michael is labeled as the powerful bionic human in the world.

Bionic Weapon Edit

Michael's weapon is a pair of unique telekinetic cannons levitate at either side of his shoulders. They are composed of a joint that is in the shape of a large sphere with two circular, flat planes on opposite sides of the joint. Attached to the joint is a six foot long, prism-shaped barrel that can retract into the joint when the front half of it separates horizontally into two pieces that move to the back of the joint, allowing to the barrel to retract and extend out. The cannons also have three discs that levitate at the front of the barrel, the front-most discs being the smallest and the back-most disc being the largest with all three having a hole in the center. The flat planes on the joint spine to generate the energy and three discs either separate further or come closer together to concentrate the energy at a specific target.

When activated, the barrel rotates on the joint from a vertical position to a horizontal one. The further the three discs separate the more concentrated and narrow the energy beam and the closer the three discs are the less concentrated and wider the energy beam is. In addition, the faster the two planes of the joint spin, the most energy that is generated and they extend from the joint to allow heat to escape and prevent overheating of the weapon.

A twice as powerful particle blast can be created by combining the two cannons, side by side, but the newly formed cannon cannot be steered.

The weapon can also fire multiple, particle bursts. The three discs come together to form one large discs that has nine small hole along the circumference of the disc. This disc, after the energy has been generated, will spin and fire multiple concentrated particle bursts through the holes similar to that of a mini gun. Though the bursts are not as powerful as a single particle blast, the cannons are easier to steer on the joints.