Abilities and Powers Edit

Overview Edit

Despite never having any prior training in Bionics, Ted was able to fight and defend himself against Gabriel Hernandez during their first altercation at the parking garage.

Bionic Weapon Edit

Ted's weapon is a pair of gauntlets and sabatons, the gauntlets were triple the size of his hands and the sabatons increased the length of his legs by one and a half feet.

The gauntlets were black with a white armor plate covering the dorsum and three plates covering the fingers with the exception of the thumbs, allowing the knuckles to bend fluidly.  His feet were positioned vertically inside the sabatons, looking like with Ted's legs a pair of the digitigrade legs of an animal with a plate covering the dorsal and a plate covering all the toes.

In addition to his gauntlets and sabatons, Ted can also materialize scutum-shaped shields that protrude at an angle from the top of the dorsum and dorsal plates, protecting the arms and legs from offensive attacks.